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What is Social Media Marketing?

Veiksmetech has years of experience in leading the in-depth analytical review by using various strategies. Experienced in examining the follower growth to identify differences in audience behaviour which helps to generate more engagement and traffic. We analyse for the number of impressions achieved to spot the irregularities using the built-in analytics. In order to engage the customers, we monitor engagements like likes, retweets, sharing etc to find peaks and valley based on the content performance and engagement. We constantly review clicks and traffic to disclose the variations with web experience by using the web analytics tools.


We run an interactive workshop for participants who work together to explore a problem and its solutions. Participants review the existing data and we organize the workshop in such a way that they will prepare for the future content planning. We document the procedure and work on the content flow, so that everyone is aligned around the same system and consistent. The content calendar will be centrally visible with built in buffers for editing and quality analysis. For new on-boarders a learning curve is already in place for a smooth transition and identifying the best channels to reach the right people.

Veiksmetech strategic recommendations are to talk with our followers thru various sources, listen to their questions and respond in a timely manner. we invest is posting quality pictures and videos because visuals are the best way to target audience. Maintaining the post will be consistent, providing all the information needed by the audience. In-order to know if things are going in a right direction we adopt a testing ratio of 80:20. Overall the content is the king, targeting the right audience with the right content make a whole lot of difference

In order to reduce the volume of calls/Correspondence, using the social media usage demographic data, choose the channels where the customers are most active. The social listening tools help to track, monitor and notify the conversations. In case if one is not able to respond immediately, then we ensure to at least acknowledge. According to our experience when the customer has a bad experience then they turn to social media to complain about it. Unfortunately, most of those complaints never receive a response. Instead, respond to the complaint as quickly as possible and apologize and this reduces the calls.


Our Social Media Campaign Planning will give you the instructions and expertise to deliver social like a professional to ensure a strong linked up method to the social media marketing using consistent branding throughout. This in-turn will have multiple benefits; greater trust, experience and stronger ROI. Our bespoken training is designed to show one how best to plan, implement and measure a social media campaign to achieve maximum impact and meet the organization’s objectives. Our Training incorporates the opportunity for live exercises to enable attendees to create their own content.