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What Is IT Security?

Today’s attacks can target multiple entry points simultaneously and in a coordinated fashion. Understanding this challenge can require expert guidance. Check Point’s security consultants and analysts will help you understand your threat environment and recommend how best to improve your security architecture.

With ever-growing technology advancement to enable better living on the planet, IT has become inevitable in all of our services offered across all needs at all stages. This means equally security is of a mandatory requirement to upkeep these systems from the wrong hands as destructive engineering can help make quick money when compared against constructive engineering. Enterprises are today forced to apply multi-layered security at network, application, workplace environment, internet, and user work patterns.


With the number of known and unknown malware that companies receive daily, it is imperative to continuously improve the state of your security program. With decades of hands-on experience securing the world’s largest organizations, the VEIKSME Tech team can explain the importance and impact of the threats you face and make practical recommendations for improving the security posture of your organization.

At Veiksme we offer a complete solution to meet these requirements at all layers such as:

  • Application and Database security
  • Network and Firewall security
  • Cloud security
  • Workplace and handheld device security
  • SecOps and SIEM offerings