What is DevOps in software development?

Customers demand for rapid product development and deployment, the buzz word is DevOps (software Development and IT Operations) a model of reducing the gap between the teams where the responsibilities are merged between these two. This helps to be more agile and deliver quick results rather than waiting till the end of the project duration for the outcomes.

We help you transform your infrastructure and processes, then evolve your application delivery model.

The DevOps Culture

One answer to breaking down enterprise silos is the move towards a DevOps-based culture that partners developers with operations staff to ensure the organization achieves optimal running of software with minimal problems.  This culture is one that supports a willingness to work together and share.

The DevOps culture puts a focus on creating a fast and stable work flow through development and IT operations.  One main goal of DevOps is to deploy features into production quickly and to detect and correct problems when they occur, without disrupting other services.

DevOps Professional Principles

DevOps is not based on stringent methodologies and processes: it is based on professional principles that help business units collaborate inside the enterprise and break down the traditional silos. The guiding principles of DevOps include culture, measurement, automation and sharing.

DevOps is considered to be a new approach to the more traditional application lifecycle management (ALM) process.

We are specialized to offer consultants specialized in :

  • IaaC (Infra as a Code)
  • Cloud
  • Micro-services
  • Dockers / Containers
  • Kubernetes
  • Bamboo
  • Git
  • Jenkins
  • Puppet, Ansible