What is Cloud?

Cloud computing / infrastructure, is the provision of IT computing resources from a common pool of systems mostly far away from the actual location of the requester. At all times, the requestors (mostly developers or application teams) can’t directly translate their requirements to the service providers even though they are qualified IT professionals. For such circumstances, cloud is an ideal option that demands for complex, quick and mission-critical computing requirements including: Mail Servers, Application Servers, Database, Middleware, Backup services, Web Servers, Load Balancers, and Firewalls.

We believe one size does not fit all. We help companies adopt cloud safely, and in a way that works for them. Cloud is a compelling proposition, offering a way forward to increase business agility, reduce capital investment cycles.


What is available in the cloud?

The backbone of a cloud infrastructure is a group of high-performance servers that are in turn converted to virtual server instances to cater every requestors demand. This gives the users the option to choose the required level of compute (CPU), memory (RAM), storage and network (firewalls, load balancers) and other features (backup, DR) based on the environment needs without worrying about the maintenance of the underlying physical infrastructure (power, cooling, facility, hardware, server, cabling, power backup generators, connectivity etc).

VEIKSME Tech is specialised to offer this service from the existing providers or leverage our own cloud infrastructure to suit every customer’s need.

We are specialized in the areas of:

  • Cloud Consulting and Design
  • Cloud Server
  • Cloud Storage (block, filer & object)
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Load Balancer & Firewall
  • Cloud Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Migration Service

We are a cloud services company

VEIKSME Tech Cloud helps businesses experience the transformative potential of cloud computing.

Cloud Advisory

We are more than happy to offer various cloud consulting and advisory requirements to suit your needs. Out expert team will be able to provide the relevant business, commercial, technical, fit for purpose including the approach from the country’s legal aspects so as to enable the right path to success.

Cloud Engineering

The expert design and development teams of Veiksme tech can help deliver the infrastructure and applications required to transform your business needs. Our team will be able to help chose the right product, service that will meet all aspects of your requirements.

Cloud Operations

Our cloud operations services is enhanced each day based on the varied feedback from our customers thereby improves its maturity to meet every enterprises need. Our specialists have real-time hands-on experience in setup, configure and optimize services. They also offer training to your support staff to enable them to be cloud-ready to embrace future mode of operations.